Punk Chronicles
San Francisco, 1977
Mabuhay Gardens
1/10/77Mabuhay GardensCrime
1/19/77Mabuhay GardensCrime
2/14/77Mabuhay GardensLeila And The Snakes
2/15/77Mabuhay GardensHead
2/21/77Mabuhay GardensArm N Hammer
2/22/77Mabuhay GardensBackroad
2/28/77Mabuhay GardensCornel Hurd And The Mondo Hot Pants Orchestra
3/1/77Mabuhay GardensNuns
3/2/77Mabuhay GardensBlondie, Crime
3/3/77Mabuhay GardensBlondie, Crime
3/4/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Punk
3/7/77Mabuhay GardensPegasus
3/8/77Mabuhay GardensAlta, Killerwatt
3/9/77Mabuhay GardensPremiere, Hoi Polloi
3/10/77Mabuhay GardensKid Courage
3/11/77Mabuhay GardensSasha And Yuri / Iron Curtain
3/14/77Mabuhay GardensPunk, Crime
3/15/77Mabuhay GardensBackroad, Rimbaud's Leg
3/16/77Mabuhay GardensNuns, Crime
3/17/77Mabuhay GardensKillerwatt, Hoi Polloi
3/21/77Mabuhay GardensHot Knives, Charles Biscuit
3/22/77Mabuhay GardensMagister Ludi, Cyclops
3/23/77Mabuhay GardensAlta, Hoi Polloi
3/24/77Mabuhay GardensMelvin Miracle, Heat
3/25/77Mabuhay GardensKid Courage, Pine Street Band
3/28/77Mabuhay GardensKillerwatt, Adeptus
3/29/77Mabuhay GardensPremiere, Alta
3/30/77Mabuhay GardensMagister Ludi, Pegasus
3/31/77Mabuhay GardensDictators, Nuns
4/1/77Mabuhay GardensFaze, Amphion
4/4/77Mabuhay GardensRevolver, Ozzie
4/5/77Mabuhay GardensNerves, Nuclear Valdez
4/6/77Mabuhay GardensNerves, Nuns
4/7/77Mabuhay GardensDictators, Magister Ludi
4/8/77Mabuhay GardensTelevision, Top Cat
4/20/77Mabuhay GardensDamned
4/21/77Mabuhay GardensDamned
5/9/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Novak
5/13/77Mabuhay GardensScreamers
5/14/77Mabuhay GardensScreamers
5/26/77Mabuhay GardensQuick, Premiere
5/27/77Mabuhay GardensQuick, Hoi Polloi
6/2/77Mabuhay GardensRoky Erickson & Bleib Alien
6/9/77Mabuhay GardensMumps, Backstage Pass
6/10/77Mabuhay GardensMumps, Backstage Pass
6/11/77Mabuhay GardensLaRue, Rockestra
6/11/77Mabuhay GardensNuns (after party), Avengers*
6/18/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Skid Marx
6/20/77Mabuhay GardensNelson Slater, Avengers
6/26/77Mabuhay GardensBerlin Brats, Avengers
6/27/77Mabuhay GardensBerlin Brats, Avengers
7/4/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Avengers
7/7/77Mabuhay GardensDils, Forerunner, X-Ray Ted
7/8/77Mabuhay GardensNuns, Dils
7/9/77Mabuhay GardensNuns
7/15/77Mabuhay GardensMink De Ville, Killerwatt
7/16/77Mabuhay GardensMink De Ville, Premiere
7/28/77Mabuhay GardensScreamers, Avengers
8/2/77Mabuhay GardensDevo, Dix
8/3/77Mabuhay GardensDevo, Dix
8/4/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Novak
8/5/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Avengers
8/16/77Mabuhay GardensMary Monday, Punk
8/25/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Street Punks, X-Ray Ted
9/3/77Mabuhay GardensMagnum, Kid Courage, Rage
9/8/77Mabuhay GardensNuns, Avengers
9/9/77Mabuhay GardensNuns, Avengers
9/10/77Mabuhay GardensDevo, USSR
9/11/77Mabuhay GardensDevo, Avengers
9/15/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Dils
9/16/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Dils
9/21/77Mabuhay GardensNuns, Avengers
9/29/77Mabuhay GardensNovak, Street Punks, Readymades
10/9/77Mabuhay GardensDevo, Readymades, Razz Band
10/14/77Mabuhay GardensHoi Polloi, Street Punks, Readymades
10/15/77Mabuhay GardensPremiere, Water Baby, Airbourne
10/16/77Mabuhay GardensNovak, Nuclear Valdez, X-Ray Ted
10/17/77Mabuhay GardensNelson Slater, Melvin Miracle, Romance
10/18/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Whoremones, Psycotic Pineapple
10/19/77Mabuhay GardensMagister Ludi
10/21/77Mabuhay GardensKid Courage, Street Punks, Reds
10/22/77Mabuhay GardensStreet Punks, Mile Hi, Magnum
10/23/77Mabuhay GardensX-Ray Ted, Nitro
10/24/77Mabuhay GardensMary Monday, Fleshtones, Presence
10/25/77Mabuhay GardensZolar X, Idiot, Adeptus
10/26/77Mabuhay GardensZolar X, Sparkin', USSR
10/27/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Dils, Gran Mal
10/28/77Mabuhay GardensZeros, Dils, Ozzie
10/29/77Mabuhay GardensZeros, Pegasus, Rage
10/30/77Mabuhay GardensAlta, Pegasus, Rock Island
10/31/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Nuns, Death
11/1/77Mabuhay GardensDeath, Liars, Venom
11/2/77Mabuhay GardensAirbourne, Crystal Rock, Romance
11/3/77Mabuhay GardensYesterday And Today, Dogs
11/4/77Mabuhay GardensYesterday And Today, Dogs, Cross
11/5/77Mabuhay GardensLaRue, Premiere, Freestone, Lady LaRue
11/6/77Mabuhay GardensMagnum, Main Drive, Ore, Adeptus
11/7/77Mabuhay GardensRock Island, Exxe, Trax
11/8/77Mabuhay GardensX-Ray Ted, Fleshtones
11/9/77Mabuhay GardensMemphis, Sway, Sparkin'
11/10/77Mabuhay GardensMumps, Avengers
11/11/77Mabuhay GardensCella And The Golden Goodies
11/11/77Mabuhay GardensMumps, Readymades, Mutants*
11/12/77Mabuhay GardensPremiere, Nimbus
11/13/77Mabuhay GardensOverland Freight, Cunning Stuntz, Leland, Blue Crystal
11/14/77Mabuhay GardensMelvin Miracle, Quayle Brothers, Whoremones
11/15/77Mabuhay GardensBackroad, Psycotic Pineapple, $27 Snap On Face
11/16/77Mabuhay GardensLeila And The Snakes, Street Punks, Sparkin'
11/17/77Mabuhay GardensFreestone, Cunning Stuntz, Sway
11/18/77Mabuhay GardensNovak
11/22/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Liars, Mutants, Venom
11/24/77Mabuhay GardensNuns
11/25/77Mabuhay GardensKid Courage, Nelson Slater
11/26/77Mabuhay GardensHoi Polloi, Street Punks
11/27/77Mabuhay GardensHoi Polloi
11/28/77Mabuhay GardensNuclear Valdez
11/29/77Mabuhay GardensMile Hi, Nimbus
11/30/77Mabuhay GardensWater Baby, Exxe, Nitro
12/1/77Mabuhay GardensMary Monday, $27 Snap On Face, Psycotic Pineapple, Whoremones
12/2/77Mabuhay GardensEddie And The Hot Rods
12/7/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Avengers, Liars
12/11/77Mabuhay GardensShock, Skulls
12/12/77Mabuhay GardensShock, Skulls
12/13/77Mabuhay GardensOverland Freight, Main Drive, Whoremones
12/14/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, UXA, Negative Trend*
12/14/77Mabuhay GardensNuclear Valdez, UXA, Ointment, Venom
12/15/77Mabuhay GardensHoi Polloi, Quayle Brothers, Exxe
12/16/77Mabuhay GardensKid Courage, Water Baby, Sparkin'
12/17/77Mabuhay GardensCrime, Dils, UXA
12/18/77Mabuhay GardensCrime
12/18/77Mabuhay GardensScreamers, Deadbeats
12/19/77Mabuhay GardensScreamers, Deadbeats
12/20/77Mabuhay GardensX-Ray Ted, Mutants, Seizure
12/21/77Mabuhay GardensMagister Ludi, Quayle Brothers, Trax
12/22/77Mabuhay GardensReadymades, Liars, Tuxedomoon
12/23/77Mabuhay GardensPremiere, Street Punks, Ore
12/25/77Mabuhay GardensDix, Sleepers*
12/26/77Mabuhay GardensCrime
12/27/77Mabuhay GardensMelvin Miracle, Fast Floyd And The Firebirds, Lazar
12/28/77Mabuhay GardensRage, Magnum, Rock Island
12/29/77Mabuhay GardensFreestone, Cunning Stuntz, Nitro
12/30/77Mabuhay GardensAvengers, Readymades, Negative Trend
* first show

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